Professor Stephen Heppell, Expert In Learning Environments


In this episode, Professor Stephen Heppell will be discussing about his passions in education and his thoughts on political interference on educations.

“There are 2.2 billion children in the world, and about half have almost no education at all. And the other half of the 1 billion have pretty miserable experiences and bullying. The quarter left, actually in school enjoying it, typically, we fail about half of them, so education isn't doing all that good.”

“As you know education ain't perfect. And it could be better, but it's still got lovely bits in it. But if I look at Pisa, they're talking about collaborative problem solving, it's coming back, education goes in cycles”

“But the little things make a big difference. So people talk a lot about what we need to do to make education better? And how do we get today's generation of children to pay more attention and blah, blah, blah, it's never the children.”

Time Stamps:

[1:38] Stephen’s highlights and lowlights of passion in education.

[4:20] Stephen’s thoughts and examples of current education methods.

[10:34] Stephen’s thoughts on how education in the UK now inspires young people to learn.

[21:43] Stephen’s thoughts about the contents and pedagogy taught at schools.

[28:00] Stephen’s thoughts on political interference on education.

[33:36] Stephen’s way of assessing learning.

[39:43] Stephen’s thoughts on applying technology in learning.

[44:21] Advice to ensure children with the least advantage in getting the most out of a school based system.

[48:51] Stephen’s choice of currency to give children when they leave school.


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Episode 7 · 2 days ago

Marty Cofie, Creative Innovator, Personal Trainer & Educator

Join us this week in Third Millennium Education where we are delighted to welcome Marty Cofie, a creative innovator, personal trainer and educator with three children, two still at school and adapting to home learning during the pandemic. I talk to her about her experience of education, and how she helped her kids to adapt with learning during Covid-19 lockdown period. 

Marty Cofie says “I'd say my first thing would be a lot of listening. A lot of listening. So watching, listening humbly and encouraging their children and also letting them teach me stuff because the curriculum that my children were learning is some of it is stuff that if I did learn it, I don't remember it.”

Third Millennium Education, it is a collection of thoughts and inspirations of stakeholders within education. What is education for and who is it serving?


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Episode · 2 weeks ago

Henry Warren, Executive Chairman of Watobe and Co-Founder of Turn On The Subtitles

Henry Warren - Executive Chairman of Watobe and Co-Founder of Turn On The Subtitles

In this episode we hear from Henry Warren, Executive Chairman of Watobe and Co-Founder of Turn On The Subtitles.

“What was really interesting was kind of how many of those companies hadn't really kicked on beyond their country of origin. Because it's really hard to do. And then especially when you're selling into a school system, the amount of interdependencies are remarkably complex.”

“Why not look at the role of the human and the role of technology and redefine those boundaries?”


“This is about how you support kids through a learning process that can be really hard, right? How do you keep them motivated? How do you give them those metacognition skills that are going to allow them to thrive in life beyond that?” 

“I think the really interesting bit, though, is what's happening outside of school.”

Time Stamps:

[0:41] Henry’s childhood experience of education.

[2:37] Life changing decision by Henry’s parents during his A-levels.

[4:27] Henry and his friends started filming a documentary of the schools they built in Uganda, Africa.

[7:40] What makes Henry think that technology has not impacted education yet.

[11:23] Henry’s examples of interesting things that are happening in the developing world.

[14:33] Henry’s choice of the tipping point of current edtech.

[17:40] What Henry has to say about putting AI in education technology.

[19:47] What should be improved in the current education system and how?

[22:05] An article on Guardian inspires him to understand how subtitles improve children's literacy.

[27:15] In what ways subtitles double the literacy rates of children?

[31:49] Henry brings high quality input in 15 minutes through mobile phones.


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Episode · 4 weeks ago

René Carayol, Global Leadership Keynote Speaker and Chief Executive of CARAYOL

René Carayol - Global Leadership Keynote Speaker and Chief Executive of CARAYOL

In this episode we hear from René Carayol, Global Leadership Keynote Speaker and Chief Executive of CARAYOL

“But so now with if you've come from where I've come from education is key…. And I've never seen anyone fulfil their full career potential without the intervention of a mentor. What we've realised is start them as early as you can.”

“The objective is to find out one or two things you're outstanding at. So we were going to build your career from I was just sort of the price.”

“There's so much more we can do to support the schools for the students and support the teachers. And I suppose that's my mission in life.”

“I think the world is changing very rapidly, the world of business changing very rapidly. And the world of education is changing very slowly. So therefore, the gap between them is really grown.”

Time Stamps:

[0:43] René’s experience of education

[9:38] René’s thoughts on mainstream education.

[12:41] The importance of digital literacy.

[16:26] Challenges that René’s met during application of his ideas and how he overcame them.

[19:33] Reasons that “changing the conversation” is vital.

[21:14] The importance of early career knowledge.

[25:08] René’s thoughts on bridging the gap between the most disadvantaged group on our education system


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Episode 0 · 1 month ago

Lawrence Dallaglio, Founder of Dallaglio Rugby Works

In this episode we hear from Lawrence Dallaglio, Former Rugby World Champion and Founder of Dallaglio Rugby Works on his thoughts on mainstream education and how his charity could be an important part in helping the next generations.

“You are what you’re exposed to in life, that’s what my mother used to teach me. The more good, positive things you can be exposed to, the more opportunities you can create for young people, the better their journey and their path might be through their education.”

“I'm a firm believer that you arrive in this world with nothing, and you leave with nothing. But you can make an impact if you're in the bit in between in lots of different ways.”

“I think once you've taken something, you should get it and pass it on.”

Time Stamps:

[4:36] What inspired Lawrence in setting up a charity?

[7:39] Lawrence thoughts on mainstream education.

[10:28] Things that mainstream education are missing.

[14:02] Lawrence examples of training in discipline could help in making every minute count and make every act a positive one.

[16:44] Important skills required while working with young people in Dallaglio Rugby Works.

[19:28] Lawrence thoughts on digital education within his charity.

[21:40] Importance of self belief to prevent destruction in digital presence

[24:13] What was Lawrence’s coach's best advice to his team that helped them become the world champions that they were.


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