Third Millennium Education
Third Millennium Education

Episode 14 · 1 month ago

Hezron Brown, Founder of More Talk More Action


Hezron Brown, Founder & Director of More Talk More Action, Ambassador of The Prince's Trust and Business Owner of Beyond Belief

“Concentrate on the subjects that are important and will benefit you moving forward.”

“Nowadays, teachers are trained to identify the needs and tackle issues met by young people but it is still not put into practice.”

“Teachers could not concentrate on helping the students because of their heavy workload.”

“Caring and believing from educators is vital in one's life.”

“Serious problem with our education system is that young people feel like they're not looked after, or that the education system doesn't care about them.”

“With mentoring, we help build that relationship between the young people, the parents and the school. To ensure young people are getting the best education that they can.”

“Believe, be confident and invest in yourself.”

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