Third Millennium Education
Third Millennium Education

Episode 12 · 2 weeks ago

Lord Victor Adebowale, Co-Founder & Chairman of Visionable, Chair Social Enterprise UK


This week, we have Lord Victor Adebowale, Co-Founder & Chairman of Visionable and Chair of Social Enterprise UK. We are going to hear from his view on the current education system, and stress how personalised learning can benefit minority youngsters in many ways. 

“Firstly, we don't value teaching our teachers enough to give them the inspiration. Secondly, we should think about education, not exams. Lastly, we have to give our kids enough experiences so they can make credible choices about their life now.” 

“We ought to be just a bit more expansive. Our education is lazy, thinking that our children will come out of an education system with the ability to manage people or understand the world of work or be creative.” 

“If the school hasn't got the time and the resources, kids will act out in other ways. It's logical since children have been forced to go to a place where they feel terrible and their intelligence is not being acknowledged.” 

“A lot of the kids in pupil referral units were highly intelligent kids who worked out that the system didn't care about them, so they weren't going to care about the system.” 

“Education is important for society because it's the best inoculation against ignorance.”  

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