Third Millennium Education
Third Millennium Education

Episode 11 · 4 weeks ago

Kathleen Hamilton, Head of Product at Genius U


Kathleen Hamilton is Head of Product at GeniusU. She talks about her educational experience at Green School, Bali. GeniusU, is an edtech platform transforming education for life long learners.

“At Green School students are not segmented by age, but by what they want to learn and how competent they were at any given subjects.”

“Green School has this openness and this curiosity that didn’t exist in a lot of other schools. That is what turned me into very much believing in activism as a means of making change.”

“Ageism is just a cultural idea. Vertical learning totally got all of us together, there was never a question of, ‘I am more intelligent than this person because I am older’, instead we are open to learning a subject differently, at the same pace at the same time.”

“People that are different from us whether that is in background, nurture, nature or whatever, can teach us more than we can possibly imagine, because everyone has a different worldview.”

“When I tell how brilliant my high school was to other people, they would look at me like I was an alien. They do not think that you could enjoy High School. And that is what hit me first, there is definitely something wrong with the system, if there is a system where students feel like they would not do it again.”

“Learning should feel exciting and inspiring.”

“The more people can engage in active learning, the more people can understand how to think through difficult concepts and how to actually problem solve through a process.”

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