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Episode · 6 days ago

Callum James, Founder of Zeal Movement and EventConnect

Callum James is a music and events entrepreneur, Founder of Zeal Movement and Event Connect. We are going to hear from his rollercoaster experience in both life and education and stressing how personalized learning can benefit disruptive youngsters in many ways. 

“Teachers were not prepared; they do not have time. For them, it is way easier to just take the disrupted kids out from the classroom, rather than focusing on what
could be the actual problem and how to resolve them.”  

“Pupil referral units definitely provided much more support than mainstream schools, however, no one was learning anything.”  

“Doing practical things rather than just sitting there and regurgitating information
benefited me much more than the theory side of things.”  

“I got arrested for assault from age 13 and was sent to a young offenders
institute. Within that time where I actually benefited the most was from

“The main downfall of mainstream education is insufficient facilities and funds to
focus on young people that have underlying issues.”  

“Mainstream education says that everyone learns differently, yet they teach everyone in the same way.”  

Episode · 2 weeks ago

Shad Moarif, Founder and Developer of Karismath and KarisEnglish

Shad Moarif is the Founder-Developer, Karismath and KarisEnglish.

"Returning the loan is a moral and spiritual need, the primary goal because regaining back their assets is like regaining something priceless.”

Time Stamp:

[1:30] Shad Moarif’s education journey

[2:45] Shad’s point of view on how different profession view mathematics

[5:23] Shad’s thoughts on well-structured education systems

[7:59] Challenges Shad met on his teaching journey in Pakistan

[9:26] Shad’s plan on teachers in Pakistan

[12:39] How did Shad armored teachers at rural areas in Pakistan with teaching skills

[17:49] How Shad utilised knowledge and understanding in teaching Maths teachers in Pakistan?

[19:26] How Shad used visualisation in teaching maths

[23:52] Creating separate components in maths learning

[27:35] How are teachers adapting visualisation method with other subjects

[31:08] Shad’s future educational plans in Pakistan

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Episode 7 · 1 month ago

Marty Cofie, Creative Innovator, Personal Trainer & Educator

Join us this week in Third Millennium Education where we are delighted to welcome Marty Cofie, a creative innovator, personal trainer and educator with three children, two still at school and adapting to home learning during the pandemic. I talk to her about her experience of education, and how she helped her kids to adapt with learning during Covid-19 lockdown period. 

Marty Cofie says “I'd say my first thing would be a lot of listening. A lot of listening. So watching, listening humbly and encouraging their children and also letting them teach me stuff because the curriculum that my children were learning is some of it is stuff that if I did learn it, I don't remember it.”

Third Millennium Education, it is a collection of thoughts and inspirations of stakeholders within education. What is education for and who is it serving?


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Episode · 1 month ago

Henry Warren, Executive Chairman of Watobe and Co-Founder of Turn On The Subtitles

Henry Warren - Executive Chairman of Watobe and Co-Founder of Turn On The Subtitles

In this episode we hear from Henry Warren, Executive Chairman of Watobe and Co-Founder of Turn On The Subtitles.

“What was really interesting was kind of how many of those companies hadn't really kicked on beyond their country of origin. Because it's really hard to do. And then especially when you're selling into a school system, the amount of interdependencies are remarkably complex.”

“Why not look at the role of the human and the role of technology and redefine those boundaries?”


“This is about how you support kids through a learning process that can be really hard, right? How do you keep them motivated? How do you give them those metacognition skills that are going to allow them to thrive in life beyond that?” 

“I think the really interesting bit, though, is what's happening outside of school.”

Time Stamps:

[0:41] Henry’s childhood experience of education.

[2:37] Life changing decision by Henry’s parents during his A-levels.

[4:27] Henry and his friends started filming a documentary of the schools they built in Uganda, Africa.

[7:40] What makes Henry think that technology has not impacted education yet.

[11:23] Henry’s examples of interesting things that are happening in the developing world.

[14:33] Henry’s choice of the tipping point of current edtech.

[17:40] What Henry has to say about putting AI in education technology.

[19:47] What should be improved in the current education system and how?

[22:05] An article on Guardian inspires him to understand how subtitles improve children's literacy.

[27:15] In what ways subtitles double the literacy rates of children?

[31:49] Henry brings high quality input in 15 minutes through mobile phones.


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